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Wear-resistant steel bar

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Production process of Shandong Dongxin wear-resistant steel bar: communicate with customers, understand customer's requirements for steel bar, and then fix material, model and quantity - - large steel plant fixed raw material - - raw material factory inspection - - balance method electric furnace heating, quenching and other quenching - - heat treatment of the system and other follow-up quenching - - product inspection - - warehousing - - visit customers .

The main advantages of the new alloy wear-resistant steel bar produced by the equipment and technology developed by our company are low wear, high hardness, strong toughness and good straightness. It solves the problems of high wear, rod breaking, bending bar, two ends taper and so on. Dimensions and specifications can be adjusted according to the needs of customers, greatly improving flexibility and eliminating unnecessary waste. At the same time, it prolongs the service life, improves the production efficiency of the mill, saves the production cost and reduces the labor force of the workers.

Technical parameters of Shandong Dongxin wear resistant grinding steel bar

1, diameter: 40-120mm deviation meets GB/T699-1999 standard.

The surface of the grinding rod should be flat, without obvious concave and convex parts, no visible cracks, overburning and other phenomena. The surface roughness Ra of the grinding rod should not be lower than the relevant provisions of the national rolling round steel standard.

2. Ratio of grinding: 3:4:3 (Note: not all the rods should be added in the initial grinding process. Details of our company's successful bidding can be provided to the site for guidance, and the largest diameter steel rods in each mill need to purchase an additional 20% of the total rod volume for subsequent rod addition)

3. The grinding rod should be blanking with the sawing machine. The ends should be smooth without obvious burrs.

4, the hardness of the rod should be HRC50-60 degree, and the hardness deviation should be controlled at + HRC5 degree.

5. raw materials: 60Mn/65Mn/45# steel /40Cr/42CrMo etc. (conform to GB/T699-1999 standard)

5, the grinding rod's straightness is less than 0.3%.

6, the length tolerances of grinding rods should be controlled at +10mm-15mm.

7. test items: (1) composition, surface, hardness, straightness, diameter, length.

8. After-sales: As a professional wear-resistant medium supplier of bar mill, our company will provide customers with perfect follow-up service in addition to excellent products, and provide free solutions to the related mill operation problems encountered by customers in the production process. If necessary, we can go to the customer site to guide the installation, grinding and adding of rods. We can provide free training for operators at customer's request, and visit customers regularly to understand the use, and further improve the product quality and after-sales service of our company through communication.



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