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1. Casting balls: Dongxin Casting Balls in Shandong Province use high-quality iron pins as raw materials. There are relatively fixed suppliers. All chromium is made of high-quality ferrochromium to ensure the lowest impurity quality. All kinds of alloy contents, especially chromium content, are strictly controlled by precise calculation. The chemical composition of cast spheroidization with 8% chromium is C2.0-3.2 Si < 1.0 Mn 0.5-1.5 Cr8-10 Mo 0-1.0 Cu 0-0.8 P and s trace.

2. Ball forming process: (1) Forging balls: Dongxin Steel Ball in Shandong Province has the most advanced patent automatic production line for rotary cutting and rolling forging of forged steel balls in China. It does not need air hammering and forging to control the ball out of the roll forging machine directly and automatically. Compared with the traditional forging process, the production efficiency of this line is increased by more than 6 times, the individual difference of ball forming is small, the quality is stable, the surface is smooth and many other advantages. Calculation of ball mill price for new mill; calculation of ball mill price for new mill; ball mill price for new mill; ball mill price for new mill; ball mill price for new mill; ball mill price for new mill

(2) Casting balls: Shandong Dongxin casting balls have their own characteristics through years of research, die development, etc. to ensure the quality of steel balls.

3. Heat treatment process: Since its establishment 21 years ago, Dongxin Steel Ball has been committed to the research of heat treatment process. After years of practical experience, the heat treatment process of steel ball with different materials, diameters and customers'different requirements has been summarized. In the process of processing, cooperating with high-end testing equipment and professional technicians, the temperature control is scientific and accurate, which ensures that all indexes of the finished ball meet and exceed the national standard.

4. Quality control: Shandong Dongxin steel ball has a high-quality quality control team. Excellent equipment, professional personnel, from materials into the factory to finished products out of the warehouse, have a dedicated person to track quality control, strictly abide by the general manager "non-conforming products do not factory" principle.

Chemical composition test, drop test, impact test, hardness test and other major indicators have professional equipment for scientific testing, and have made relevant records for customers to check at any time.



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