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The trend of energy saving and emission reduction for ball mill development in China is irreversible

Today, our country adheres to the road of sustainable development of "reduction, reuse and resource utilization". The work pattern of energy saving and emission reduction, which is led by the government, dominated by enterprises and participated by people from all walks of life, is gradually taking shape in China. That is to say, "energy saving and consumption reduction" is not only the urgent need for the internal development of enterprises, but also related to the national economy and people's livelihood. With the development of ball milling technology, more and more attention has been paid to ball milling's environmental protection and economy. Therefore, only by continuing to strengthen energy conservation and innovation can we achieve long-term development of ball milling.

At present, China has become the world's largest coal, steel, iron ore, alumina, copper, cement consumption country, is the world's second largest energy consumption country.

In the mining industry, the power consumption of ball mill accounts for 40-50% of the whole production process, in the cement industry, the power consumption of ball mill can reach 70% of the total power consumption, in the thermal power industry, the power consumption of ball mill accounts for 30% of the total power consumption, and in the whole country, the power consumption of ball mill accounts for 2% of the total power generation, resulting in a great deal of energy and materials. Material consumption. With the shortage of high-quality coal, ore and other resources in our country, the grinding efficiency of ball mill is generally reduced due to the large number of poor materials used in industrial production, which further increases the energy consumption per unit output value.

In order to promote China's economic restructuring and change the mode of economic growth, energy conservation, consumption reduction and environmental protection have become the basic national policy and long-term strategic development policy for China to achieve sustainable development in the future. Ball mill is the main source of pollution emission in mining machinery, and energy saving and emission reduction is an inevitable trend. Under the new situation, ball mill can not be separated from technological renewal and self-innovation consciousness, strengthen self-innovation consciousness, actively develop new intelligent equipment, and aim at the market. It is the necessary law for ball mill to move towards energy saving and emission reduction, and base itself on market competition.



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