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Steel ball knowledge
  • The trajectory of the steel ball in thShandong Dongxin Wear-resistant Materials Co., Ltde ball mill-


    The trajectory of the steel ball in the ball mill When the steel ball moves in a downward motion, the material will be crushed by the mutual friction force generated during the upward and downward rolling process of the ball load cylinder wall, and the ore particles will be further crushed by grinding through the friction force between the ball loads. The steel ball also produces a significant impact during its top-down rolling, and the ore particles are crushed through a huge impact. The grin

  • Analysis of the cause of steel ball breaking


    Analysis on the causes of steel ball problemsThe phenomena of broken, out of round or high abrasion of steel balls almost occur at the same time in quality accidents. As long as there is broken and out of round, the abrasion will certainly be high. The reasons can be analyzed from the following aspects:Unqualified chemical composition: due to different working conditions and requirements, there are many kinds of steel balls, including cast balls and forged balls. Qualified chemical composition i

  • Classification of ball mills according to industrial and mining conditions


    There are many different kinds of steel balls for ball mill, such as forged steel balls and cast steel balls, among which forged steel balls are abbreviated as forged balls; cast steel balls are abbreviated as cast balls, and cast balls are divided into high, middle and low chromium. We have very limited knowledge of ball mill steel balls. Today, we mainly talk about the quality indicators of these different ball mills, hoping to bring help to you.I. Quality Index of Forging BallForging balls ar

  • Application knowledge of steel balls


    Basic knowledge of steel ball: 1. Market and use of steel ball:

  • Basic knowledge of ball mill ball


    Ball mill steel ball Market and use 1. Market situation: the international market demand for ball mill steel ball total 18-20 million tons.

  • Explanation of hardness of wear resistant steel balls


    Hardened steel balls of a certain size (usually 10 mm in diameter) are pressed into the surface of the material under

  • How to determine the diameter of ball mill ball mill (three factors)


    The newly installed ball mill does not know how to judge the ball diameter of ball mill. This article introduces three factors to judge the ball diameter of ball mill.




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