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Analysis of the cause of steel ball breaking

Analysis on the causes of steel ball problems

The phenomena of broken, out of round or high abrasion of steel balls almost occur at the same time in quality accidents. As long as there is broken and out of round, the abrasion will certainly be high. The reasons can be analyzed from the following aspects:

Unqualified chemical composition: due to different working conditions and requirements, there are many kinds of steel balls, including cast balls and forged balls. Qualified chemical composition is the most basic requirement of steel ball quality, and unqualified chemical composition will directly affect the material performance.

• steel quality: the key is the internal quality of steel, such as segregation, loose center, high grade of non-metallic inclusions.

Heat treatment: the heat treatment process is incorrect or the process is correct but not strictly implemented, the stress of the ball is not eliminated, the metallographic structure of the ball is unreasonable, and the retained austenite is too high. In the process of impact wear, the steel balls are peeled and broken. The non-uniform hardness of heat treatment will cause the out of round phenomenon in use.



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