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Steel bar knowledge
  • Analysis on the reason of steel rod breaking in rod mill


    Analysis on the reason of rod breaking of rod millUnder normal circumstances, the grinding rods are arranged in parallel. If the arrangement order is disturbed, it will cause the direct impact between the grinding rod and the grinding rod, worsen the stress condition of the grinding rod, and lead to the fracture of the grinding rod. Many factors lead to the disorder of the arrangement of the grinding rod.Key words: rod mill, rod arrangement, disorder and fracture1, forewordDuring the operation o

  • Instructions for use of rod mill and configuration of steel rod diameter


    Instructions for use of rod mill and configuration of steel rod diameterDiameter configuration of steel bar in rod millThe diameter of the steel bar should be selected properly, which can not only break the large block, but also have enough surface to accumulate. The steel bar with small diameter has larger surface area and smaller wear to lining plate. However, the selling price of small-diameter steel bars per unit weight is high and their service life is short, because the small-diameter stee




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